Tuesday, May 22

Home again . . . Spring 2012 Quilt Market

. . . the last six days went by sooo fast!!  I sure do miss all the activity of Quilt Market and visiting with my adopted family and industry friends.  It is fun to see what everyone has been working on since last fall and to share what has been going on in our personal lives.  Also, it was wonderful to see many current customers and meet many new customers - thank you all for your support.

The layout of my booth consisted of: five color-ways of Water Lilies, two color-ways of Woodland Stream,  and two color-ways of Rustic Star.

My School House presentation unveiled the SIX layouts that make up my second in a series quilt titled Mystical (samples are laying flat on the walls). Three layouts from Mysterious made a repeat showing so customers could compare the two patterns (bunched). I heard over and over that customers enjoy the repetitive sewing and love playing with and choosing from the multiple layouts; they are looking forward to fall market when the TRIO is complete with the release of Mystify.

Here is a YouTube video that has been posted from Quilt Market:  Quilt Market Booth Walk w/Lissa Alexander (for Moda Fabrics). As the video starts you can see my quilt/pattern Woodland Stream behind Lissa made out of Holly Taylor's newest batik line Trail's End. Then about 3 minutes into the video she talks about the new fabric line and AQD. What an honor to have my sample hanging in their booth!
So everyone can see - I've attached a copy of my sales hand-out from Market. It shows what is new and also my best sellers. www.antlerquiltdesign.com

In my opinion, grey is still the hot color. Then pretty much any other color goes from bright to pastel. Embellishing is still popular; also I saw a lot of small piecing!

While at Market we always try to have one dinner that is special and this spring we dinned at O'Dowd's Little Dublin.  The food and service were excellent.  Look at this picture of their floor; it was salvaged from an old Irish Church.

Monday we shop hopped our way home - now that was relaxing!!

Tuesday was spent unpacking, shipping orders, answering emails, debriefing . . . and . . . dreaming of ideas for Fall Quilt Market in Houston ;-)

Happy Quilting,