Tuesday, May 5

Quick Change Blog Hop

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog!

For all of you that are new to Antler Quilt Design, I'll do a little introduction. My name is Doug Leko and I am the designer behind the name. I have been quilting since the age of 5, and started my own company at the age of 14. I have always loved quilting.

Please visit my website to learn more about me. www.antlerquiltdesign.com
(My exciting NEW website will be up and running very soon.)

I was honored when Karen Burn asked if I would contribute a bed runner for this book. Bed runners have always peeked my interest and I have published several other bed runners as single patterns or as a companion size in my full-size patterns.

My bed runner for the book Quick Change, is titled "Fireworks". The runner features Primitive Gatherings fabrics by Moda Fabrics.

What inspired your bed runner?

My bed runner was inspired by The Fourth of July. I imagined my family "up north" at the lake, watching all of the fireworks getting shot off into the night sky. The perfect connection - three of my favorite star blocks look just like colorful explosions.

The bed runner was beautifully quilted by the talented Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt

Do you have another favorite project from Quick Change? 
I like many of the other runners, but of my favorite is "White Diamonds" by Kimberly Jolly of Fat Quarter Shop.

I really like the classic two-color look.

What does the master bedroom of your dreams look like? 
This what my mater bedroom would look like. The feel and look is relaxing and calming. I really like the fireplace and the open door on the back side of the room. 

I hope you like the bed runner as much as I do!
Happy Quilting,

Martingale is giving away an eBook of Quick Change!

To enter please leave a comment below, telling us what is your favorite style of quilting (i.e. modern, traditional, miniatures, applique, etc.)

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  1. Beautiful pattern! I really enjoy all the different designs, traditional, appliqué, and modern.

  2. Great pattern-I love fireworks! Thanks for the chance to win :) I'm still kind of a newbie to quilting so I don't really ahve a favorite style yet. I'm still experimenting with everything. It's awesome that you've been quilting since you were 5!
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  3. Beautiful runner!
    I tend to turn more and more towards modern quilting.

  4. I love your runner. I sort of prefer traditional, buut I have seen a bunch of modern quilts that I might try someday

  5. I guess I have t lean towards traditional methods of piecing (by machine, but with modern colors and styles.. thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Love your quilt. I like the traditional ones best, I admit.

  7. I am mostly a traditional quilter, but I have also explored other designs. The Fireworks bed runner really piques my interest. It really lovely.

  8. Love you runners! I would say my favorite style of quilting is traditional, but I am kind of hooked on miniatures right now.

  9. I love this! Perfect name for it. I don't have a favorite style of quilting. I might make a modern design one day and start a reproduction quilt the next. I have an addiction to fabric of all kinds and that means quilting of all styles.

  10. I might call my style Modern Traditional -- patterns are often somewhat traditional but fabrics are generally modern.

  11. I guess my favorite style of quilting is more traditional but I am starting to like the modern look too. Love your bedrunner!

  12. I love any kind of "scrappy" quilt in the traditional mode.

  13. I fall mostly in the traditional camp.

  14. Great bed runner! I guess I am a traditional girl at heart but I do like bits of the modern stuff.

  15. Have become a fan of modern this past year. Love quilting in the large negative spaces.

  16. I make traditonal quilts, but am inspired everyday to start a modern quilt!!

  17. Love all the different stars!

  18. I am into making mini quilts lately. Quick finishes are quite satisfying!

  19. As a quilting teacher, I tend to dabnle in all kinds of quilt styles to keep my students happy! Besides it's fun to try new things, continue learning and thinking outside of the box!

  20. I love modern and inspirational.

  21. I enjoy traditional quilts using reproduction fabrics.

  22. My favorite style of quilting is modern.

  23. I've been leaning toward modern lately. Actually, I love and do everything. I think it depends on my mood of the day.

  24. I'm leaning towards what I call sustainable quilting. I have found an arts recycling centre, where I can get fabric scraps for only cents. It does mean your project is determined by whats available though. Thanks for the giveaway. Tarnia.hodges at gmail.com